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Danos Associates – The Leader In Compliance, Risk, And Legal Recruitment

Danos Associates has been in the business of providing talent for global financial

services companies since 2004 and is now recognised internationally as a first class source for compliance, risk, and legal recruitment. Over the years we have built up connections with a vast pool of talent from which we can select the ideal candidate for a client’s requirements. We can introduce you to the right person wherever your business happens to be situated in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

We know that our clients have stringent requirements and that these can vary considerably as risk functions are constantly changing. We cover every type of risk function including market risk, operational risk, risk data science and transformation, conduct and risk governance, risk innovation and digitalisation, and credit and counterparty risk. We can select from a highly talented and professional pool which displays a combination of many years of experience together with the skills that are much in demand in the financial sector.

All you need to do is to tell us exactly what you require and we will search through both our existing contacts and conduct a contingency search in order to ensure that we cover every possible avenue. Our aim is to find not just the individual with the perfect skills for the position that you need to fill, but one who is capable of adapting to your way of working.

Danos Associates are also at the forefront in the area of compliance recruitment. Since our inception in 2004 we have never yet failed to fulfil our clients’ requirements in compliance recruitment. Compliance is ever-changing and we are proud to be able to lay claim to the fact that we have an extraordinary pool of talent in this sector. We are constantly headhunting and researching the compliance candidate area, and we meet new talent. Typically we aim to produce a comprehensive long list which can be reduced to a short list of perhaps between six to eight individuals who possess all of the skills our client requires.

We also work actively in the legal field and have access to many legal professionals with the experience needed by financial services companies. We acquired Gibson Limburn in 2016 in order to better provide a service to every area of the financial sector including hedge funds, fund managers and investment banking.