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Five Flexible Solutions to Support Agile Risk Management

Risk Management within the Financial Services has changed significantly over the last decade, and this has largely been driven by regulations that emerged after the global financial crisis, and technology advancements. It is an ever-changing landscape, requiring institutions to be dynamic in order to respond to these changes. This is where agile risk management comes in.

A recent report highlighted areas that institutions must consider when managing risk dynamically, and Danos Consulting demonstrates how Consultants and Interim Contractors can provide agile risk management solutions and skills to enable institutions to be more dynamic and capable of responding to new developments.

ONE – Increase efficiency and effectiveness of risk management by early adoption of emerging technologies: We have placed expert Consultants into the Cyber Security and Operational Risk space where technology is the key focus.

Two – Build customers trust by ensuring governance and management of employees conduct and culture: We have multiple Conduct Risk Consultants working on-site at clients that can help promote customer trust and a ‘treating customers fairly’ approach.

Three – Increase focus on strategic risks like geopolitical, FinTech and other NTC’s; and improved detection and management of these risks: We have Consultants and Interim Contractors with a variety or Risk and Regulatory skill sets that can run keywork streams or cover business-as-usual support.

Four – Transforming the three lines of defence framework by enhancing business unit responsibility for managing risks and clarifying second line of defence activities: We have strong Operational Risk and Compliance Consultants that can implement new frameworks and business models to reduce your risk.

Five – Strategically manage capital and liquidity by enhancing governance structures and improving the risk culture: We have Risk Consultants that can review your ILAAP and ICAAP and advise on best practice.

As a leading supplier of risk personnel to the financial services industry globally, we are extremely well-placed to find you the best Consultants or Interim Contractors to support your strategies. We use our experience and market knowledge to help you land the best people for your projects.  

If you would like to find out more or would like our support, or advice on our Consulting solutions, please do get in touch.