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Crypto Firms Struggle To Find The Right Talent With Hundreds Of Jobs On Offer

 “Crypto firms struggle to find the right talent with hundreds of jobs on offer” reported BusinessToday.In last month. Despite the rise in candidate interest in this advancing market and advertised jobs receiving hundreds of applicants, firms are finding it hard to find talent with the right experience, prompting some companies to lower their expectations or change the job criteria.

We have seen a rise in the demand for compliance and risk expertise across the payments and cryptocurrency sector, as the market grows, and regulation evolves – both trends set to continue. 

Our clients realised that handling large volumes of applicants and not finding the right skills and experience is a drain on resources and business focus. We work with our clients to secure the best talent, by utilising our deep networks and maximising our head-hunting methodologies. Leaving our clients with the resources to focus on developing business models and frameworks, navigating these new markets and the changing regulations.

As a business we pride ourselves on having close business relationships across the sectors, we understand the challenges that firms face and how the right staffing resources are essential. We enable our clients and wider business community to come together to discuss business challenges and market changes. Our next event focuses on the payments & cryptocurrency sector, and we will be discussing – The Challenges Of Building A Robust Regulatory Framework. 

Please register for the online event and join three industry experts as they share their knowledge and experiences. 

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The Challenges Of Building A Robust Regulatory Framework In The Payments & Cryptocurrency Sector 

Thursday 8th July, at 5:00pm (London) / 12:00pm (New York) 

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Full BusinessToday.In Article: Crypto firms struggle to find right talent with hundreds of jobs on offer – BusinessToday