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Day 6 to Day 10 of the “Danos 2020 Challenge for Charity”

We have been inspired by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who launched Our Frontline (a helpline uniting mental health charities in the support for those working on the frontline against coronavirus).

The Danos team will be completing 20 challenges for 20 days, to raise as much money for Mind, who are one of the charities uniting for Our Frontline.

Follow our daily progress on LinkedIn and if possible please show your support for the cause by donating at –

Thank You

If you want to follow our early progress visit for day 1 to day 5, and later progress visit for days 11 to 15, and visit for day 16 to 20 (the final)

Day 10 – 20 Minutes Practicing A New Skill

During lockdown have you been tempted to learn a new skill? Today, the Danos team was tasked with practicing new skills, including: Juggling, Mani Nail Art, Hoovering! Hairdressing! and Impersonating!

What new skills have you learnt?

Day 9 – 2.0 Minute Plank

Today the Danos global team planked for 2.0 minutes, in London, Hong Kong, New York, and Singapore, we completed this challenge, and it is tougher than you think!

A plank challenges your entire body, doing them every day will burn more calories than other traditional abdominal exercises. Can you plank for 2.0 minutes?

Day 8 – 2.0 Hours Sponsored Silence

Have you tried 2.0 hours of silence when you live in a busy home? Today’s challenge is 2.0 hours of silence, to support the Danos 2020 Challenge for Charity – 20 Challenges in 20 Days.

Day 7 – 20 Cartwheels (each)

20 very impressive cartwheels performed by the Danos team today – Well done.

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Day 6 – 20 Second Tic Tok Video

For today’s challenge some of the Danos team created a 20 second Tic Tok video!

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