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Our international headhunting team have been successfully headhunting permanent senior executives and mid-level managers for over 19 years with an outstanding degree of success.

Whether you are looking for a new job or are seeking to fill a current vacancy, you can trust the Danos Group to give you an excellent recruitment service, whilst keeping the process confidential – We will ensure our approach is tailored to your own unique needs.

63% of CEOs & hiring managers are worried about how to attract top talent.

We have a 98% success rate for filling permanent hiring mandates. Our consultants are highly experienced and well networked and with our deep market knowledge we are able to target 100% of the candidate market.

Our consultants specialise in placing Compliance, Financial Crime, Risk, Legal, and ESG professionals, we approach each search uniquely, it is important that we provide our clients with the best candidates in the market ensuring we match the right professional the right job.

For those looking for a new career opportunity, this means we will only recommend positions for which you are a fit. For companies seeking talented professionals, you can rely on us to provide you with the most talented and motivated candidates that are ready to make a career change.

We have range of business models for our clients and can conduct Executive Retained searches, Exclusive Contingency and Contingency searches, depending on the role and the client’s needs.

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We target 100% of the candidate market

Find you the best talent in the market:

  • 88% of candidates shortlisted are headhunted & were not active in the recruitment market.
  • Offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, & Singapore, with linked functional experts to support global searches.
  • 83% of candidates shortlisted are from minority groups.

Save you time & money:

  • 96% of our permanent placements stayed at their new company for at least 2 years, & a further 48% had an internal promotion.
  • Consistently provide two relevant CV’s within 48 hours of being mandated on a permanent role.
  • Top candidates, 2:1 ratio of sent CVs to first interview.

Professional & trusted partner:

  • 98% success rate on retained search assignments, over the last 19 years.
  • 55% of our business has been referred in the last 3 years.

Our Experts

{# Image of Denis Spearman #}

Denis Spearman

Managing Director, Head of Compliance & Financial Crime, EMEA

{# Image of Mark Moorby #}

Mark Moorby

Managing Director, Head of Risk (EMEA)

{# Image of Peter Umesi #}

Peter Umesi

Director, Head of Risk Analytics, EMEA

{# Image of Ed Wacher #}

Edward Wacher

Director, Head of Buy-Side Compliance

{# Image of Isabel Anchebe #}

Isabel Anchebe

Associate Director, Head of Compliance, Europe

{# #}

Georgina Housden

Associate Director, Compliance

{# Image of Claire Singer #}

Claire Singer

Principal Consultant, Compliance

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) drives business performance.

  • Firms with greater diversity are more likely to experience 36% above-average productivity.
  • Inclusive firms benefit from retaining the best diverse talent, which reduces staff turnover and related attrition

We are the market leader in identifying the best diverse talent pools for our clients.

For more information on DE&I hiring strategies and support, the Danos Group have published a detailed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  report, please contact us if you would like a copy of the report or would like a confidential discussion.

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Danos Associates offered much more than simply sourcing candidates. 

They helped frame the scope of the search, giving context as to where we could search for our candidate pool and provided a commercial view of the labour market in this field and what we could expect… The shortlist of candidates we received was of a very high standard. Each candidate had been looked at critically.

Nicola Swann HR Director

Danos Consulting offered an excellent Interim Head of Compliance as a solution whilst undertaking our challenging permanent search mandate.

Danos Consulting really listened to our needs, parachuting in a candidate with the right technical skill set and personality. They really understood the DNA of our business which enabled them to provide support effectively when working to tight onboarding deadlines.

General Counsel, Niche Asset Management Firm

Danos Associates spend a lot of time getting to know your team and the culture, which makes it easier when new staff join the business.  

In credit risk often the candidate pools have the same skill sets, however there are elements that the CV miss out. The Danos team work tirelessly to understand the skills levels of all candidates and most importantly, they get us quality candidates we can close and bring on board quickly.

Director of Model, Development Banking

Danos was referred to me as the best in the business.

I needed to find risk and compliance staff. My experience corroborates precisely that. Thorough, encyclopaedic market knowledge and execution orientated.

Hugo van Vredenburch Non Executive Director, TMF Group

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