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The Key To Successful Governance

In recent years, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has implemented stricter requirements for overseeing Appointed Representatives (AR). Regulatory compliance related to a firm’s Governance, including Culture and Conduct, has become a crucial theme. Senior management and boards should be aware of the following elements for successful Governance:

  • Leadership on Cultural & Conduct (C&C) must originate from the top levels of the organization. This leadership should be demonstrated through actions and attitudes, supported by evidence of an engaged and contributing workforce.

  • The firm’s culture should be in line with its purpose, values, and strategy. The role and expectations of the workforce should be clearly communicated and articulated.

  • Ongoing assessments and monitoring of Cultural & Conduct (C&C) are vital. This includes implementing clear and timely follow-up actions and providing feedback.

  • Effective board oversight is essential, encompassing the evaluation of both the efficiency and compliance of systems and controls, such as policies and procedures. Taking prompt and effective action to address any identified deficiencies is critical for firms.

  • Keeping adequate, orderly, and up-to-date records of board and management minutes is crucial. This ensures that significant matters are examined, and that robust and effective action is taken.

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