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Pride Month Celebrating The LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month is about celebrating the LGBTQ+ community but also raising awareness of inequalities. The LGBTQ+ community still face inequality and discrimination in the workplace every day. Creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace isn’t just the right thing to do, it makes business sense, too.

“Inclusive workplaces ensure employees are safe, respected and able to fully contribute” says Jackie Ferguson, Head of Content & Programming at The Diversity Movement. “An Oxford study showed that employees that are happy at work are 13% more productive, which means greater profitability for any business.”

Tips for building an inclusive workplace include:

  • Recognise that identities are complex
  • Celebrate openness
  • Let people choose their own labels
  • Create a community
  • Mind your language
  • Cultivate compassion
  • Normalise pronouns
  • Create a strong inclusion policy

As a recruitment firm we realise we can actively influence the inflow of under-represented groups into the sectors we service, thereby helping to advance the D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) agenda.

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