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2019 Salary Benchmarking Report for Compliance Roles within Asset Management

Danos Associates has published a 2019 Salary Benchmarking Report for UK Compliance Roles within Asset Management.

In this report you will find salary breakdowns for:

  • Retail
  • Institutional
  • Hedge Funds & Private Equity

The report also highlights some key insights, including:

  • Hiring across Asset Management has been strong in 2019, especially in the Institutional and Alternatives areas.
  • Retail Asset Managers’ salaries and bonuses have remained broadly flat – this may be due in part to the trend for low-cost tracker funds.
  • Numerous Head of Compliance positions within Institutional and Alternatives have gone to external candidates, creating knock-on opportunities elsewhere.
  • Bonus potential within Alternatives continues to be the most lucrative but is heavily reliant on business performance.

Contact Ed Wacher for your copy of the 2019 Salary Benchmarking Report and to discuss your search and selection requirements –

Edward Wacher

Director, Head of Buy-Side Compliance

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