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2020 Salary Benchmarking Report for Compliance Roles within Asset Management

Danos Associates has published a 2020 Salary Benchmarking Report for UK Compliance Roles within Asset Management.

In this report you will find salary breakdowns for:

  • Retail
  • Institutional
  • Hedge Funds & Private Equity

The report also highlights some key insights, including:

  • The Institutional (including PE & HF) Compliance market has continued to be busy in 2020 with considerable amounts of hiring across all levels.
  • Retail Asset Management sector salaries have not changed considerably in 2020, with base salaries the same as the previous year.
  • The Private Equity and Hedge Fund market has continued to be busy resulting in a small increases to base salaries. Total compensation variance has continued to expand due to company performance. Some high performing funds are paying upwards of 60% bonus to mid-level Compliance officers. On the flip side, other funds who have not fared so well have cut bonus pools resulting in no shortage of good talent in the market.

Contact Ed Wacher for your copy of the 2020 Salary Benchmarking Report and to discuss your search and selection requirements

Edward Wacher

Director, Head of Buy-Side Compliance

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