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Legal in Luxembourg

Increase in legal requirements in Luxembourg

Unsurprisingly, as financial services organisations continue to expand into new financial hubs to create a strong hold post Brexit, the demand for lawyers in Luxembourg is increasing.


Shortage of corporate lawyers

Law, unlike many other of the sectors making the move is less transferable. The nature of the work requires local expertise that cannot be acquired quickly. Luxembourg law also gives primacy to French over English and so brings with it a greater emphasis on language skills.


Shortage of specialist legal recruiters in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has historically been home to fewer specialist recruiters. Previously a smaller market, with a smaller volume of roles, recruiters had to be much more generalist.

Internationally, specialist recruiters have been slow on the uptake of recognising the potential in Luxembourg.


Reluctance of local candidates to work with international recruiters

With international recruiters’ previous lack of involvement, it’s unsurprising that candidates in Luxembourg have been reluctant to trust in their expertise.


The need for Danos Associates

While other international recruiters are playing catch up, Danos Associates have boots on the ground and specialists fluent in French with local expertise and an extensive network dedicated to this market.

We are defying the assumption among hiring managers that international recruiters can’t strike up a rapport with Luxembourg candidates. We have been able to demonstrate our local commitment and experience both reassuring and impressing candidates. This combined with our international approach is proving to be a winning formula.

Our global reach gives us a wider talent pool to find those that do have the right skills and expertise who are willing to move, aided by London levels of service with our specialist approach and headhunting techniques. Our personal relationships and actual conversations are far more effective than others’ job ads and emails in reaching people and then our advice has enabled clients to be the most competitive in the market to secure them.

If you’re looking to recruit for legal positions in Luxembourg, our international reach combined with local expertise give you the best of both worlds. To discuss your hiring requirements please get in touch.