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Hiring In A Competitive Singapore Market

Our Singapore business in Risk and Compliance has seen a massive 48% increase compared to last year. With such an increase in demand we are seeing a return of active candidates receiving multiple offers; and as a result, hiring managers are missing out on the best talent. 

The Singapore hiring market accelerated towards the end of 2020 and demand continues to grow. We are seeing that the speed candidates are moving through the interview process has sped up considerably, however the overall time to fill positions has increased, because of: 

  • Candidates having multiple opportunities and wanting to consider all options before deciding. 
  • Large counteroffers being made by existing employers, contributing to wage inflations. 
  • Increased benefits and flexible working conditions being offered to tempt employees to remain in their current positions. 

Being resilient and nimble in the market is the new normal, so we are advising our clients to be as flexible as possible. If you are looking to successfully hire the best talent in the market, hire with confidence through Danos Associates as we…

  • Inform our clients throughout the process of the candidate’s key motivations. 
  • Advise clients on best ways to avoid losing candidates at the 11th hour. 
  • Target 100% of the candidate market – not just the active 20%. 
  • Leverage our extensive networks. 
  • Provide market data on expected salaries and benefits.  

If you would like to discuss our hiring approach and our success record, please contact me for a confidential discussion:  

Adnan Abu Bakr Maddix Maddix | Associate Partner, Head of Singapore | Tel: +65 6950 4505 | Email: