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Innovative Tech-Savvy Criminals Impacting Demand For Financial Crime Technologists

It has been regularly reported how technology is creating innovative pathways for criminals to launder the proceeds of their illegal activity, including cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer transactions.  

Advanced technology is accelerating sophisticated financial crimes, and as a result financial institutions are responding by adopting new technologies, such as advanced behavioural analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, deployed well, they can help identify suspicious behaviour, reduce the number of false positives and improve response times. 

Tech-savvy criminals will continue to grow. Financial institutions and regulators must invest in developing new technology toolkits.  

At Danos Associates we are seeing both the authorities and the international banking system increasingly looking to leverage the latest digital technologies in their quest to disrupt financial crime.

The demand for new hires in technology focused financial crime roles is hastening, and there is an increased demand for talent with specialist skills and experience in: 

  • Python for programming SQL & building models. 
  • Transaction monitoring, data visualisation, strategy & optimisation. 
  • Financial Crime data analytics. 

Our clients have expressed their concern that the active candidate pool for these skills is small, they have reached out to us, to use our search skills to uncover talent that is not necessarily active in the market, and we have used our networks and methodologies to successfully fill multiple client mandates.  

If you are looking to hire within financial crime and would like to discuss the current market, please reach out to Claire Singer, who is happy to discuss: 

Claire Singer | Senior Associate, Compliance
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3889 5739 | Email: