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Many of our contractors have raised concerns over the IR35 legislative changes next year so we’ve worked in partnership with a subject matter expert to clearly and concisely answer all of your questions.

To view our short film on IR35 click here

We answer:

  • Can IR35 be avoided as a contractor?
  • What will change in 2020 from current practice?
  • How can a contractor make sure the client decides they are outside IR35?
  • How informed are our financial services clients on the reforms and what are they putting in place to handle the legislative changes?
  • Do you think financial services clients will continue to hire contract support?
  • Can having a substitution clause help a contractor be outside IR35?
  • Will roles be individually assessed for IR35 status (unlike blanket decisions in the public sector)?
  • Will contractors need to use CEST?
  • If a contractor is inside IR35, do they need to switch to being paid through an umbrella firm?
  • What will be the financial impact of IR35 to a contractor being paid through a Ltd business, umbrella company or PAYE?
  • How often does a contractor’s IR35 status have to be assessed?
  • How can a contractor help themselves prepare for the IR35 changes?
  • Is there any specific legal or accountancy advice they should obtain?