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Making the right decision for your interim legal hires

Interim hiring is perfect for bringing in additional support or specialist skills and expertise without the commitment or headcount that comes with permanent hires. When a firm takes the decision to bring in interim or consultancy support, they should take the following factors into consideration:

Quality of network

We have a bench of over 600 candidates that have been built up over eight years. With such a large talent pool and stringent vetting, we have a vast range of high quality skills and expertise at our disposal.

Managing expertise

Our consultancy practice is headed up by Katherine Lord who has over 18 years of experience in the interim market in this sector, and so has a great understanding of the current requirements and trends. She also works closely with our permanent legal hiring team, broadening the potential pool of talent and specialist skills we have available further still.

Multinational lawyers

Our reach is global, with offices in the States, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as having a heavy presence in Europe. Lawyers with qualifications from other jurisdictions have proven very popular in the commercial contracts market across the board but are obviously extremely valuable for international mergers, acquisitions, expansion or relocation. This has been particularly prevalent with work around Brexit.


We work in a very fast paced and demanding market and we are adept and managing this. The extent of our bench and our relationships mean that talented professionals can usually be with our clients within 48 hours. This delivers highly skilled support at the time they need it most.


Our business model allows us to offer highly competitive rates with great transparency.

If you would like to discuss interim solutions for your legal requirements further please do get in touch.