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Maximising Compliance Impact: Danos Consulting’s Strategic Deployment of Compliance Experts in a Global Private Equity Firm Case Study


A leading Global Private Equity Firm, with a growing portfolio of international investments, faced an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. Their existing compliance team, while experienced, was stretched thin managing a high volume of due diligence, portfolio monitoring, and reporting activities. The firm required additional support to ensure continued adherence to evolving regulations across diverse jurisdictions. 


Danos Consulting was tasked with strategically deployed five compliance generalist consultants to augment the firm’s internal team. Our approach focused on understanding the specific needs of the Global Private Equity Firm and identifying consultants with the following qualifications: 

  • In-depth knowledge of private equity regulations: Consultants with experience navigating regulations specific to private equity transactions, anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC), and sanctions compliance were prioritised. 
  • Global regulatory expertise: Due to the firm’s international presence, consultants with a strong understanding of regulations across various jurisdictions was essential. 
  • Strong due diligence proficiency: The capability to conduct exhaustive due diligence on potential investments, effectively identifying and mitigating compliance risks was a necessity. 
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills: Consultants were required to adeptly communicate complex compliance matters to various stakeholders and to produce clear, concise reports. 

Our Proven Methodology: 

  1. Requirement Gathering: Danos Consulting worked closely with the firm’s compliance team to understand their specific needs, workload distribution, and areas necessitating additional support. 
  1. Targeted Talent Search: Leveraging our extensive associate network and industry expertise, we curated a pool of highly qualified compliance consultants with specialised experience in private equity. 
  1. Skill and Experience Evaluation: We conducted comprehensive skills assessment with shortlisted candidates, focusing on their technical knowledge, regulatory understanding, communication skills, and experience in navigating complex environments. 
  1. Cultural Fit Assessment: Beyond technical qualifications, we ensured the consultants possessed a collaborative ethos conducive to seamless integration with the existing team. 
  1. Onboarding and Integration: Danos Consulting facilitated a seamless onboarding process, ensuring the consultants were well-equipped with the firm’s policies, procedures, and internal compliance tools. 


The positioning of the five compliance generalist consultants resulted in significant benefits for the Global Private Equity Firm: 

  • Heightened Due Diligence: The consultants’ expertise facilitated comprehensive due diligence reviews, effectively identifying compliance risks across the firm’s global portfolio. 
  • Workload Optimisation: The additional support enabled the existing compliance team to focus on more strategic initiatives while efficiently managing day-to-day compliance tasks. 
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: The consultants’ knowledge of evolving regulations helped the firm maintain a strong compliance posture across all their investments. 
  • Elevated Efficiency: The team’s combined expertise expedited compliance tasks and reporting turnaround times. 


By adeptly addressing the unique needs of the Global Private Equity Firm and strategically assigning qualified compliance generalist consultants, Danos Consulting augmented their team and ensured efficient and effective compliance management across a global investment portfolio.  

This case study highlights the significant benefits and effectiveness of partnering with Danos Consulting, a specialised consulting firm with a proven track record of excellence in identifying and deploying highly skilled compliance professionals within the global Private Equity sector and wider Financial Services industry. Through their expertise and tailored approach, Danos Consulting ensures that clients receive top-tier candidates who seamlessly integrate into their teams, thereby enhancing compliance management and overall organisational success. 


Danos Consulting helped us in a moment where we became a little overstretched and under resourced due to leavers in the team and a number of deadlines on certain projects we had. After a long-standing relationship Danos Consulting, they knew exactly the type of profile and calibre of individuals we look to bring in to work with us and they managed to do this at short notice and had the consultants with us, within a week of selecting them”. 

Deputy Head of Compliance, Private Equity Firm 

To find out more please contact, Bradley Handelaar, Associate Director, Head of Interim Solutions at Danos Consulting.

Bradley Handelaar

Associate Director, Head of Interim Compliance

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