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No-deal Brexit – are your 3Cs in order?

You have spent years preparing your Brexit plans, but what should you prioritise in the event of a no-deal? Fear not, your no-deal Brexit business priorities are simple – Compliance, Cost, and Continuity.


Have you reviewed the no-deal Brexit guidelines issued by UK Government and European Commission? As you will need to ensure that your organisation, products and services comply with new rules and processes.

Reviews can be resource-intensive, and a fresh perspective can often expose new insights. Danos Consulting provides expert consultancy and advice on financial services regulation and compliance. We can assist you in your compliance assessment through to implementation.


Manage your operational costs, with all this uncertainty it is likely that economic performance will be impacted as businesses and consumers lessen their investments and spend during a time of ambiguity and change. 

Employee costs can be significant, during a time of change it can be beneficial to have flexible expertise. Danos Consulting provides specialist resources across compliance, risk and legal, our mantra is to provide experienced, first-class practitioners at affordable and reasonable costs to businesses.


Minimise disruption during Brexit. Don’t let your business and employees get distracted by Brexit. Deal or no-deal changes will need to happen. Danos Consulting can support your business to enable you to stay focused on delivering the business results. We can deliver professional flexible staffing to help you navigate through Brexit and beyond.   

We can provide a consultancy service offering a full health check on your firm, in line with no-deal Brexit business priorities and requirements. We have a bench of over 600 fully vetted and highly skilled professionals. They can provide support within as little as 48 hours at very competitive rates. If you would like to discuss your corporate governance requirements, please get in touch.