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No Recession For Singapore Demand For Hiring Is Growing

Global economic growth is slowing down. It has been widely reported that a mild recession is likely this coming year, however Asia Pacific is likely to avoid a recession. Based on the Oxford Economics GDP (Gross Domestic Product) forecasts; over the next couple of years, it is expected that Singapore’s GDP will stay stable, whist other regions will take a hit.

We are seeing increasing opportunities across Financial and Professional Services for Compliance and Risk professionals. However, the cost to hire is increasing exponentially resulting in hiring managers putting a greater emphasis on quality over quantity. Niche skills are becoming very important in Singapore, especially as the country becomes more sophisticated and geopolitical issues are driving more businesses to the region. The pace of recruitment is growing due to the growth of governance, the rise of family offices, and updates to Basel 3.1, CRR (Capital Requirements Regulation) and Payments rules.

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