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Seven Key Market Insights – London Sustainable Finance Capital Market:

Seven key market insights you need to know if you are hiring or looking to move into the London Sustainable Finance Capital Market:

  1. There has been an unprecedented amount of bond issues, large volumes of sustainable lending and increases in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) due diligence required upon company acquisitions.

  2. There are a limited number of people in market with suitable skills to serve the above processes. People with transferable skills have typically already moved or tried to move into the ‘green’ markets’ function. These factors have all contributed to higher hiring budgets required to attract the most suitable talent.

  3. Only larger Banks have solo sustainable finance functions, whereas smaller financial institutions will have a central ESG function that covers ESG advisory and sustainable finance.

  4. Longer work hours due to higher deal flow has led to candidates commanding higher salaries.

  5. Innovations in product development has led to new financial instruments including sustainability linked loans, Rhino bonds, and financing for Net Zero Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF). Candidates with these skill sets will typically be able to command higher remuneration.

  6. Project Finance SMEs for green transition finance at Banks are in high demand. Companies are now headhunting from the treasury function at energy corporates.

  7. PWC predict the actual Sustainable Finance Market will be worth $25tn by 2050.

This is a very buoyant hiring market, if you are looking to hire a ESG or Risk expert, or you would like to discuss current role opportunities, please contact Alex Bayne-Powell |