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Stop wasting money on fines!

It has recently been reported that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has imposed significantly more fines in the first half of 2019 than in previous years. FCA fines worth a total of £319.2m have been enforced in 2019, costing one firm more than £100m. These stiff penalties are set to continue as the FCA faces increased pressure to protect customers of the financial services industry.

But this trend could be turned. By having the right compliance experts in place, you will save money. Getting the right people in the right place doing the right job – this is not rocket science, so what is holding you back?

Before you go on a costly hiring frenzy or upset the applecart with a restructure of an existing resource, you should review your current compliance talent, alongside your regulatory processes.   

The Danos Group offers the expertise to independently review your processes and resources; with over 15 years’ experience and a proven track record, we can help you in three easy steps:

  • Compliance health check – Let our consultancy services team conduct a high-level review of your firm’s compliance with regulatory obligations. Let us work out your critical hire strategy.
  • Project partnership – Our team will provide detailed recommendations and facilitate change. We can bridge any interim shortfalls drawing from our talent pool of over 600 specialists, who are ideally positioned to support you.
  • Permanent solution – Our unparalleled network of professionals makes us the first choice for the world’s major financial services firms. Our specialist knowledge and reach within the compliance talent pool are unrivalled.

You don’t need to be wasting money on fines, but you do need to have the right compliance processes and expertise to mitigate these costs.  

The Danos Group is unique as we can bring together our internal experts from Danos Consulting and Danos Associates to offer you the complete compliance solution.

We offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services from expert analysis through to implementation support. With a pool of highly qualified compliance professionals that can help you fill resourcing gaps in the interim and make sure you have the appropriate skills and backgrounds to boost your department’s capabilities.  

As a leading supplier of compliance personnel to the financial services industry globally, we are extremely well-placed to not only find you the best permanent candidates in the first place but use our experience and market knowledge to assist and advise you throughout the whole process, ultimately helping you land the best people for your roles. We are there throughout to keep things moving and make sure the search is on point.   

If you would like our support, advice or access to our excellent network, please do get in touch.

Denis Spearman – Partner, Head of Compliance Practice, Danos Associates

Katherine Lord – Associate Partner, Head of Danos Consulting

Denis Spearman

Managing Director, Head of Compliance & Financial Crime, EMEA

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