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The ‘Quant Risk’ gap

With quantitative risk functions expanding again after some streamlining in the top tier Banks last year and adjustments to their lines of defence models, some of the large banking groups are hiring interim support to bridge the ‘Quant Risk’ gap. In such a specialist sector, the perfect Quant skill set and excellent interpersonal skills are challenging to find.

This is an example of a role we are hiring for, for one of the large banking groups:

  • Investigate, analyse and design risk methods.
  • Contribute to the delivery of methodology projects, gathering and documenting requirements, considering all stakeholders’ interests, regulatory constraints and any potential deficiencies in the current methods exposed by quality assurance.
  • Design, develop and test code changes required to implement the risk methods.
  • Ensure the methods are adequately documented to support internal reviews and validation by internal auditors or regulators.


  • A strong academic background, a Masters in mathematics, physics or quantitative finance.
  • Proven experience in counterparty or market risk.
  • Good knowledge of derivatives – risk drivers and pricing models. 

These roles will pay £800-£1,000 per day for candidates with the education background and strong skill set. These opportunities are not just in London but in Paris, Luxembourg and other key European cities too.

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Peter Umesi

Director, Head of Risk Analytics, EMEA

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