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Why Businesses Need To Hire More Women Into Crypto & Blockchain

Despite an increasing number of women entering the cryptocurrency space, there remains a significant gender gap among professionals and investors. Encouraging more women to participate in crypto is important for several reasons:

1. Gender-Diverse Teams Perform Better: The crypto industry intersects with fields like Finance and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), where women are underrepresented. However, the original ethos of crypto is inclusivity and equality. Studies have shown that gender-diverse teams in business are more productive, creative, and effective at problem-solving. Increasing female representation in crypto would benefit businesses and provide role models for future generations.

2. Customer Engagement & Representation: Women have historically faced limited access to financial services, with many lacking unrestricted bank account access. Cryptocurrency offers women an opportunity to independently manage their wealth and investments, breaking down barriers to financial services. Firms with diverse workforces can better connect with and represent their customers and their unique needs.

3. Client Attraction & Retention: Women have demonstrated a strong investing temperament and tend to be more risk-averse, making them well-suited for long-term investment strategies. Investing is crucial for women’s financial independence, considering factors such as longer life expectancy and the gender pay gap. Increased female participation in crypto can challenge stereotypes about risk-loving investors and encourage broader adoption.

The Danos Group global recruitment solutions can assist firms in their hiring strategies by prioritising diversity and inclusion. Partnering with Danos Group provides access to a wide network of candidates and expertise in attracting diverse talent, including women, to the crypto industry. Danos Group recognises the value of gender-diverse teams, which enhance business outcomes. By leveraging their recruitment solutions, firms can create inclusive work environments and unlock the potential of female talent in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

If you are looking to hire, contact Nicole Overend, Compliance Consultant, at the Danos Group. Nicole is a specialist recruiter with a proven track record in delivering exceptional recruitment solutions for Compliance and Financial Crime Compliance roles within the Crypto, FinTech, and Payments sectors. With her expertise, Nicole can assist you in finding top talent for your organisation’s needs.

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