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Why Should The Financial Services Care About Diversity And Inclusion?

Diverse and inclusive companies are more profitable and more appealing to work for than companies lacking these. Research shows that diversity will boost your reputation, your brand and your productivity.

A multi-cultural organisation will be better placed to service and satisfy clients. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t fit today’s world; being able to relate to a global market is important.

According to a landmark 2018 study from McKinsey, companies who boast gender, or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians.

Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians, while companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective industry medians.

From our perspective, it’s clear that firms with more diverse workforces tend be able to attract more top talent. It’s a point that many candidates ask about when discussing a potential firm, and it will only become more important to candidates as this way of thinking becomes commonplace.

Diverse and inclusive workforces lead to higher employee satisfaction and, in turn, a much better chance of retaining talent once hired. Diverse groups are a clear sign of a healthy and inclusive culture, where employees feel comfortable, valued and respected in their workplace.

A diverse and inclusive culture is imperative for a business to continue to thrive because it puts its people at the heart of its operation.

Danos Associates is a leading provider of Compliance, Risk and Legal recruitment services in the financial services arena across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

We approach every search with an aim towards diversity and inclusion. While skillset and experience remain a focal point in our selection process, we strive to ensure that each shortlist reflects a diverse range of experience, culture, and backgrounds.

We take the time to meet and get to know each candidate before putting them forward for your roles. We feel that we are uniquely placed to ensure we are doing our part to find diverse candidates and, in turn, the strongest candidates for each job.

We pride ourselves on being able to match talent not just to the requirements of the role, but also to the style of the organisation.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your diversity and inclusion efforts and how we can assist you with your search and selection.