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LinkedIn’s 15 Fastest-Growing Jobs In Singapore

The Straits Times recently reported that LinkedIn’s 15 fastest-growing jobs in Singapore are:

  1. Sales development representative
  2. ⭐️Cloud engineer ⭐️
  3. Enterprise account executive
  4. Healthcare assistant
  5. ⭐️Cyber security engineer⭐️
  6. ⭐️Site reliability engineer⭐️
  7. ⭐️Back-end developer⭐️
  8. ⭐️Cyber security consultant⭐️
  9. Technical account manager
  10. Customer success specialist
  11. Machine learning engineer
  12. ⭐️Artificial intelligence engineer⭐️
  13. ⭐️DevOps engineer⭐️
  14. Investment associate
  15. Product owner

And the great news is that the Danos Group has a specialist team based in Singapore that can assist with your hiring needs across these ⭐️key roles⭐️.

Our local recruitment experts have extensive networks and deep relationships across the #cyber and tech community, they can identify exceptional talent and deliver expert consultative services to enable you to build your functions.

If you would like to discuss your hiring needs, or a recent track record of our work conducted, please contact:
Michael Bishop | Associate Director, Head of Cyber, Asia Pacific
+65 6950 4506 |