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Brexit – get ahead of the game now

The reality of Brexit is well and truly setting in. We’ve been flagging up the increase in demand we’ve seen for roles across Europe as financial services firms strive to create an EU stronghold ready for our departure at the end of March next year.

Both The Bank of England governor Mark Carney and international trade secretary Liam Fox have warned of the possibility of a Brexit no deal and while safeguarding procedures have been put in place, Mr Carney admitted it could cause some “disruption to trade as we know it”.

While we feel that the strength of London as a financial hub will endure we also recognise that a quarter of the financial services’ annual revenue comes from EU business and the original motivation for many overseas banks moving to the UK was because of its access to the EU market.

The European recruitment market is ferociously competitive. We are urging clients who aren’t already making moves, to fight the temptation to wait until after the summer holiday period and get ahead of the game now before another predicted upsurge of hiring hits again in September.

We have an excellent network across the candidate pools of the key European financial hubs as well as a network of those willing to move from the UK. If you would like our support in preparing your team for Brexit please get in touch.

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