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Danos Associates publishes 2019 Salary Benchmark Report for Dublin Compliance Roles within Payments, Retail Financial Services and Retail Banking

Danos Associates have published a 2019 Salary Report for Dublin Compliance Roles. In this report, you will find industry salary breakdowns for:

  • Payments
  • Retails Financial Services (Peer to Peer, Cards, Loans, FinTech’s)
  • Retail Banking

The report also highlights some key insights, including:

  • Hiring across Payments, FinTech and Retail Financial Services have seen major growth with the influx of firms looking to use the Central Bank of Ireland as a passporting hub for the EU, as the UK decides its future.
  • Salaries have grown steadily all year as a result of demand from the new market entrants, growth and big brands expansion. The arrival of Revolut, the enlargement of Paysafe, Tide, Fexco, and other electronic payments brands, in addition to the growth in retail and technology firms like Amazon, Facebook, Dropbox, and Indeed. Together this is creating a competitive candidate short market. 

Contact Isabel for your free copy of the 2019 Salary Report for Dublin Compliance Roles and to discuss your search and selection requirements.

Isabel Anchebe

Associate Director, Head of Compliance, Europe

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