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Deciphering which hiring route to take

The recruitment industry is changing. Complexities of roles undertaken in financial services are evolving and the geographical area in which they operate is expanding – so we adapt.

When a role needs to be filled, Hiring Managers are faced with various options: keep the process in house, instruct a big, volume-based agency or work with a specialist headhunter.

We’ve been reflecting on all the feedback we receive from our clients and candidates and it has allowed us to set out three key reasons for choosing the specialist route.

We complement in-house teams, finding quality candidates for their most challenging roles

Some roles are simply hard to find the right candidates for. It could be geography, a shallow talent pool for a specific specialism or a particularly competitive practice area, so many of our clients turn to us to fill the roles they can’t.

“We’re struggling with this one, let’s get them in”

We take a consultative approach, working in partnership with in-house recruiting teams and Hiring Managers to support them in finding the very best person.

We build relationships

We focus on actively seeking and building relationships with people who work in our specialist areas…we are headhunters. Our candidates are often surprised when we want to take them out to meet with them but this allows us to discover so much more than what is written on a CV.

This wider knowledge of not only their experience and expertise, but their character and motivation allows us to make the strongest match to a role. This is particularly crucial for specialist or senior positions.

“I don’t feel like just a name on a CV being pushed through a process with you”

Our relationships are long-lasting and give us the unparalleled network that we have.  Our track record means our clients trust us. Rather than focus on volume we do what we do well and have a higher rate of placing candidates because of it.

We know the market

Hiring requirements can be very specific with huge importance put on bringing the right person into the team.

By focussing on specialist sectors within the financial services we can truly be experts in the field. A lot of our clients appreciate our input in defining the role from the very beginning and tell us we add weight as an expert voice to their Execs throughout the process.

We know who to look for and how to reach them, headhunting and presenting only the best quality candidates back to the client.

“All of the CVs were spot on”

Whether is be a specific senior hire or niche skill set you’re looking for, we have the expertise and network to support you in your search.