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Future career aspirations of our Singapore-based candidates

Adnan Maddix, the head of Asia at the #DanosGroup, conducted a survey to understand the future career aspirations of candidates based in Singapore, and the results of the survey are now available.

Out of the individuals who participated:

🔸 46% prefer to stay right here in Singapore.
🔸 34% are eyeing opportunities in the UAE or Qatar.
🔸 14% have their sights set on Tokyo.
🔸 6% are considering the vibrant cities of Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Adnan’s insights on the findings – “With over a decade in the recruitment field across Asia, I’m intrigued by the relatively small number of people considering Hong Kong or Shanghai for their next career move.

Let’s not forget, both these cities are bursting with dynamism and offer incredible opportunities in the Financial Services sector. At the Danos Group, we’re here to assist you with your career transitions throughout Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong. I strongly urge all candidates to keep an open mind about the exciting prospects Hong Kong holds.

I’ve personally visited Hong Kong three times this year and can vouch for the abundance of opportunities available, complete with competitive salaries, comprehensive relocation packages, and no barriers for foreign talent.

Singapore and Hong Kong both shine in the world of Financial Services, catering to various interests. Whether it’s global markets, market-making, risk management, or engineering for trading platforms, Hong Kong is the place to be right now. Meanwhile, Singapore excels in corporate banking and wealth management opportunities.

2023 has brought significant changes to the job market, and as we approach 2024, candidates must be adaptable to seize their desired opportunities. COVID-19 has reshaped the recruitment landscape, making international relocations more challenging. Therefore, certain financial hubs offer more promising prospects than others.”

Reach out to Adnan Abu Bakr Maddix today to explore exciting opportunities in both Singapore and Hong Kong. Your next career adventure might be just around the corner!

Adnan Maddix, Managing Director, Head of Asia.
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